Welcome to Science Modalities!

I am a scientist turned writer and designed this website as part of an ambitious effort to aid in the globalization of science awareness. I hold a PhD in molecular biology from the Pennsylvania State University. After spending years in cancer research, I began teaching at local colleges. It was when I started to write that made me realize there is a great need to improve public knowledge about science. The function of this blog is not only to inform the general public of science issues by presenting them in an understandable format, but also to establish communication between the scientist and those seeking knowledge. My aim is to discuss whatever sparks my interest at the time and to offer a platform for other scientists to present their knowledge.

Science Modalities is also designed to be an open forum to all writers who strive to improve the accuracy of the science in their stories. How often have you struggled to get the facts of your novel precise? Far too often scientific jargon in a novel is wrong, or is presented erroneously. This site will explain scientific terminology and procedures, help you understand theories and principles underlining the basis for life, and remove the fiction from the facts.  Of course, science encompasses a broad spectrum, and I welcome others to share their expertise on this blog. Just drop me line.  Remember, it may be fiction, but the science must be true, or extrapolated reasonably.  If you are unsure about the accuracy of the science in your story, let’s open a dialog and start the discussion.

You can find out more about my writing here:  http://tinacrone.blogspot.com

– Tina


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